CosmOcean is an alt rock band, well-suited for venues looking for a fun & high-energy act with danceable original music and covers.

We are currently writing and recording new original music, while continuing to gig throughout central Arkansas.  Our goal is to reach larger audiences with our original music and to continue to provide a high-energy and entertaining live show!

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This funk-forward septet has no qualms with its operatic bona fides; the two lead singers - voice teachers by day - imbue their duetting with insanely high notes and still manage not to lose a continuous thread of sensuality and choreographed theater. Like any good bar band, their set is utterly danceable, coxing even the too-cool-for=school to the floor for some late-night abandon and eleciting testimonials like: 'OMG they are so fun.'”

Stephanie Smittle, Arkansas Times